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Just, Abigail

I've been writing since before I could understand what that meant. Scrawling stories in the margins of my homework turned to studying journalism and learning a style and voice telling stories about everyone but me. I graduated at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic with a B.A in Print Journalism and a minor in Women's & Gender Studies to a shriveled up job market and a wad of debt. And now I'm not a student, I'm not a journalist. I'm not any of the things I thought I would be by now. 

So this is the beginning of someone new. Someone who can write, finally, unfiltered, after decades of hiding, editing, altering messages to serve the intended audience. This is the space where I intend to find a new voice — my voice — a sound that may have never before been heard. 

I'll share my personal essays and stories, poetry, and maybe even a hint of my fabric artworks and my inspiration (aka my two cats, Bagheera and Indie). I hope you'll read along with me on this journey. 

Welcome to the start of Abigail — just, Abigail. 

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